In the heart of Maharashtra, in India, lies our small and charming permaculture homestead, Chaitraban. It is our quiet retreat to escape from the concrete jungle of Mumbai, where we live on weekdays. It is a playground for all the wonderful creatures of Mother Nature. They love the green oasis lovingly built and looked after by our team


A little more about us…

What began as a dream, converted into a serious hobby and turned into a magical retreat for all the wonderful creations of Mother Nature, is Chaitraban.

Originally built as a weekend home for a typical urban family, now, is a thriving permaculture homestead retrofitted to a sustainable permaculture design. It continues to be an experiment ground while being a place of peace and tranquillity for the stewards and for people who wish to be amidst nature. It aims to be a learning ground, a venue for students who wish to learn permaculture and for anyone to conduct or attend other courses related to nature and sustainability.

The design of Chaitraban stresses on being a closed system with complex relationships between elements. The homestead has been retrofitted to include animal integrated systems and permaculture techniques resulting into a system which can be maintained with minimum human intervention and labour. It has turned into a safe retreat for many varieties of birds and butterflies and bees buzz in plenty. These are the few soldiers that work with other small creatures to keep the fruits and vegetables pest free and nutritious. Chaitraban now boasts of water harvesting systems, animal integrated growing sytems to grow food while working on enriching the soil on site. As years go by, the relationships between elements in the ecosystem gets more complex, making the system more and more resillient.

Chaitraban hopes to be an inspiration for anyone who wishes to work with nature and to move towards a sustainable future by conscious design.

For more information about Permaculture and to learn more about our design consultancy, please browse on www.jyotispermaculture.com

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