Chaitraban began it’s journey in the year 2011. In seven years, it has transformed from a three acre overgrazed pasture to a thriving permaculture homestead. When we took up the stewardship of the land, it had no top soil left because of erosion. Slowly, over time, as the homestead was retrofitted to a Permaculture design, the soil started building up, the relationships between elements were established, the birds, bees and small animals shifted in. Today, there is immense diversity and the relationships between elements become more complex, to make the system more and more resilient very year.

Chaitraban today…


The house amidst the shades of green
The welcoming front yard
The food forest in making
A small pond – habitat for the soldiers, the frogs and the lizards
The new banana plants on the beds on contour – rainwater harvesting and production
When we have guests!
When we want to be more comfortable!
A private corner for a chat
Hands on experiences for kids


Memories of a life time…
Fun times!