Our Team

The Stewards of the land…we all work as a team!

The humans!


She is a commerce graduate, was a business woman, now, is a full time permaculture practitioner, designer, consultant and a teacher. She loves to travel and is the brain behind the design of Chaitraban.

To know more about Jyoti’s work and permaculture, check out www.jyotispermaculture.com


A practicing Chartered Accountant in Mumbai is a pillar of support for Chaitraban. The brain behind the financials and legal matters which are a must for the running of the systems at Chaitraban, he is the giant who keeps it all together. He is the proprietor of S. S. Deshpande & Co., Chartered Accountants.


A bubbly teenager is currently a college student. She loves the animals at Chaitraban and is a loving ‘mother’ to all the lost and orphaned animals we occasionally find and rehabilitate at the farm.


He is in college, aspiring to pursue English and French literature. For now, Anirved is busy doing what he is best at, learning his favourite language – French. Currently beginning to know about all that we grow at Chaitraban, he plans to experiment with ingredients (sometimes, ‘native exotics’) from Chaitraban, in the kitchen. The focus is to start writing about food!

Waggy and Shadow

Our two farm dogs are the security squad to ward away the predators to our small team of farm animals. Shadow is a pesky female who is the alarm system and Waggy is the strong watchman! They make a super team and we couldn’t do without them.

The pest control and maintenance team